Prison Arts Programs in Ohio

Note: all information reflects pre-COVID conditions, or archives past programs.

Ohio Prison Arts Connection doesn't run arts programs inside or outside prisons, but we exist to connect those that do, and to support justice-involved people by providing resources and building bridges to the arts and culture sector in the state.

The benefit of arts access for people in prison is clear! Please visit our Resources page for more detailed information.

The information below is drawn from research begun in the summer of 2017 to try to understand the range and scope of arts programs in Ohio prisons, and subsequent interviews and surveys with artists and program facilitators in the two years since. This is our best understanding of programs and initiatives in Ohio prisons, both past and present. We are presenting this information here for you to demonstrate the range of possibilities that are being explored in the carceral space in our state.

In prisons, incarcerated people teach each other; programs are made possible by recreations staff, chapel staff, or warden's offices; and professional teaching artists come in to facilities from the outside world to facilitate programs and projects. All of these are represented here.

Our information is constantly evolving - to contribute and make our data stronger, please reach out to us.

We are in the process of surveying the field to understand what programs and initiatives exist in the re-entry space in Ohio, and as soon as we have a substantial amount of info, you will be able to find that here. If you have information or want to help us with this project, please let us know.

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Allen-Oakwood Correctional

Belmont Correctional

Chillicothe Correctional

Correctional Reception Center

Dayton Correctional

Franklin Medical Center

Grafton Correctional

Lake Erie Correctional

Lebanon Correctional

London Correctional

Lorain Correctional

Madison Correctional

Mansfield Correctional

Marion Correctional

Noble Correctional

North Central Correctional Complex

Northeast Reintegration Center

Ohio Reformatory for Women

Ohio State Penitentiary

Pickaway Correctional

Richland Correctional

Ross Correctional

Southeastern Correctional Complex

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

Toledo Correctional

Trumbull Correctional

Warren Correctional