Arts-in-Corrections Demonstration Project

In collaboration with California Lawyers for the Arts and California Transformative Arts, and with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ohio Arts Council - Ohio is participating in a research project to demonstrate the impact of arts programs on people incarcerated in our state. We are one of five states (alongside Texas, Louisiana, New York, and Michigan) to have the opportunity to participate in this demonstration initiative.

The idea for this project began with California's long tradition of supporting arts programs in adult prisons, and a 2015 County Jail Demonstration Project that made a strong case for the positive impact both on individuals and on the climate of the carceral facility. {{file1}}

While this project has been slowed due to COVID, plans are being laid for three 12-week demonstrations in three Ohio adult prisons with classes learning different artistic mediums, a research study on the experiences of the class participants, and a white paper.