Radio OPAC: Monthly Conversations

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In our most recent episode of Radio OPAC, we were in conversation with Eric Gardenhire, Charlsie Banks, and Pam Braddy - three long-time staff members with the Recreations Departments of Grafton, Dayton, and Pickaway Correctional - who have worked to support artists who are doing time and who make a strong argument for the excellence of the work and the importance of bringing them in to a broader conversation across the prison walls about the role of the arts in promoting communication and healing. In this episode, you'll get a rare look in to a space that supports many incarcerated artists with tools, materials, and skills to develop their artwork.

We launched this weekly conversation series at the beginning of the pandemic to be a weekly dose of art and humanity, and have produced over 35 episodes on Facebook Live. These conversations have featured teaching artists, academics, returned artists, and DRC staff members all working in different ways at the intersection of the arts and the justice system.

You can watch every back-episode here.

In April 2021, we will shift to a new format for a new season. Look for a monthly themed conversation between artists working in all kinds of different ways! Themes will include:
- Art in Public Spaces
- The Power of Singing Together
- Healing through the Arts
- Music by Black Artists
- Art and Resilience
- Art and Time
- Movement
and more.

Our Radio OPAC production team includes Pat Wynn Brown, Jarred Small, Catherine Roma, Jessie Glover, and Mary Nonno.