OPAC Creative Care Packages

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Every dollar you donate allows us to contribute one printed 40-page volume for an incarcerated person in Ohio.

In response to the pandemic, OPAC has been working with artists and arts organizations in Ohio and beyond to create books of creative writing, drawing, and other artistic prompts. Our plan is to deliver new packages until the pandemic ends.

Thanks to a partnership with the Recreations staff in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, we are able to send these packages to all 28 prisons in the state. We estimate that at least 5000 incarcerated Ohioans have been able to benefit from the creative care packages.

Coming soon!
- A book of prompts from artists as diverse as Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour, Dances for Solidarity, California's Insight Garden Program, and New York's Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE).
- A book of prompts designed by a Vietnamese student studying in a New York University but abroad in South Africa - a true pandemic-enabled collaboration.
- A book designed by Columbus Ohio's Wild Goose Creative, a community arts organization dedicated to saying 'yes' to artists.
- A book designed by students at Columbus College of Art & Design, a premier Midwestern arts school.

Our creative care package team includes Shannon Lakanen, Jessie Glover, Tara Smith, Grace Guichard, Denise Shumway, and Lori Askeland.

Anyone can submit an entry for a future edition. Upload your contribution here or email us at info@ohioprisonartsconnection.org with the subject line "OPAC Creative Care Package."

Here is a PDF of Volume 1.

Here is a PDF of Volume 2.

Here is a PDF of of Volume 3.