A therapeutic community is a positive environment where individuals who have similar problems, including substance abuse, live and work together to better their lives. The structure is set up like a large family, with the staff representing the rationale guides. There is a chain of command that your must follow, a hierarchy, with all residents striving to earn more responsibility, privileges, and status within the community. Arts programs that are a part of the Tapestry community include tap dance classes in partnership with Artisan Dance Studio, the Arts and Letters Society led by theatre artist Pat Wynn Brown, and creative writing classes. Tapestry members currently engage in multiple artistic disciplines including:Vocal music with the Harmony Project, a writing group led by a volunteer, the tap dancing class led by a professional instructor, knitted and crocheted items created by members and donated to Warm Up America for community service. annual Tapestry Talent Show which showcases member's singing, acting, dancing skills/talents.

Photo credit: ODRC.

Visual Art