We are a coalition of people working to bring people and art together around Ohio, and we’d like your help. If you are interested in getting involved, please connect with us!

Improve Our Information

We are trying to reflect every arts-related activity happening inside and outside prisons that we can. Do you have info about a class, workshop, artistic group, event, exhibition, or performance that doesn’t appear on our website? Please let us know!

Collaborate to Build an Arts Program

Are you an artist interested in the justice system or prison system? Are you part of an arts organization that wants to expand access to the arts? Are you a prison staff member? Do you work with an organization that supports returning citizens? We can help introduce you to collaborators and assist with the planning process. Please get in touch with us.

Attend an Event or Gathering

Please join us at gatherings and art events in 2020 around the state of Ohio.

Host a Gathering

Can you provide hospitality or facilitate a get-together for people who are interested in access to the arts for people both inside and outside of prisons? Send us an email.

Lead by Joining our Steering Committee or Workgroups

We have a steering committee that directs our actions and makes sure we stay on track. We are also developing short-term teams to work on projects as diverse as building a best-practices document, collecting and communicating stories with artists from around the state, and creating gatherings that get artists, restored citizens, prison staffs, re-entry professionals, and others in the room together. If you would like to put your skills to work on behalf of Ohio Prison Arts Connection, please be in touch.

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